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神威 (Kamui)

a cool STG by Siter Skain, in their Tale of ALLTYNEX trilogy. it was released for Windows 95 in 1999.

they also released a development log, so you can see the process that went into it.

Webiste Development diary Development diary(old)
Doujin STG Introduction

a series of videos by user Monolith, introducing games to new STG players with the use of Touhou characters.

My List
やまざき (Yamazaki)'s HP

a page made by the user Yamazaki. it has their works, which contain some programming info.

the most useful part of it for me was the section on compression methods, which tells you how to create your own data compression routine.

Homepage (archive)

an old graphics library for Windows.

Japanese Bitmap Font Collection

a collection of japanese bitmap fonts

あきよし (Akiyoshi)'s wizforest

really nice website, it's most notable section is the 「Old Good COMPUTER!!」 pages.

it has tons of info on old computers, from systems like NEC's PC-6001 to the PC-9800 series, X68000, MSX, pokecon such as the PC-E500, and even consoles like the Sega Saturn, and Famicom's Family Basic.

along with this, there's info on programming (even in assembly!) and game development.

they also worked in SEGA's AM division sometime in the 90s, too